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More details. Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Blk and arriving at River Pl Condo. Services depart every 15 minutes, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 1h 7m. Yes, there is a direct train departing from Chinese Garden and arriving at Outram Park. Services depart every five minutes. The journey takes approximately 30 min. The road distance is 18 km. Scholars used these ideas to make private gardens attached to their dwellings. Confucianism is associated with the geometrical order of Chinese domestic and town planning.

It grew out of China's ancient religion ancestor worship and was known as the Way of Heaven see note on Shinto - the 'Way of the Gods'. Confucius K'ung-fu-tzu or Kongfuzi, BCE believed study improved man, particularly that of the noble arts: rites, music, writing, mathematics, chariot driving and archery. They fostered the traditional Chinese virtues of sensibility, self-control and harmony between man and the universe — which equipped a man to serve the government. Bureaucrats were scholars. The diagram below show the Forbidden City in Beijing [Note1: the naturalistic areas within the Palace were made under the influence of Taoism and Buddhism, as described below.

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Taoism is linked to Lao Tzu but did not develop until years after his death itself dated between and BCE. The Tao is the inexpressible source of being, a divine principle which underlies the natural world. This evolved into a mystical religion which turned away from the artificialities and etiquette of Confucius. The good man was seen as one whose life rested on naturalness, not wealth or status.

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This became associated with a more natural approach to the design of gardens. Taoism was also associated with a search after the elixir of life, helped by journeys to the Isles of the Immortals in the Eastern Sea. The Isles became an important theme in Chinese art and, later, Japanese art. They fitted easily into the older theme of 'woods and water' painting.

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Buddhism came to China from India probably with merchants on the Silk Road. Rachel finds her way there, and falls in love with the strange beauty of the mushroom-scented, crumbling pagodas and overgrown bushes.

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But the decaying grounds are a mirror for the corruption at the heart of Rachel's school: her teachers are hypocrites, playing with their students' emotions, and forcing them to endure an unnecessary and cruel physical punishments and deprivations. This atmosphere comes to a head when one of Rachel's classmates is found naked, in bed with another girl.

I was hugely impressed by this book. Its evocation of atmosphere is impressive: the crumbling old mansion, the overgrown trees, the sound of deer and birds, coupled with the spartan austerity of the school, create a unique sensory world. This atmosphere also reflects the sexual awakening of the characters, their confusion and the intolerance they experience. Much is implied in this book -- Manning is careful in what she says directly but she still gets across the lesbianism of the teachers and their total hypocrisy in response to the sexual awakening of their students.

The narrative treats the young protagonists with kindness and tolerance: their actions are not seen as wrong; the fault is with adults who unfairly punish and expel them. In that sense this story is very progressive. It's also a hugely appealing novel about intellectual pursuits, and the solace and beauty of nature. Highly recommended. Apr 20, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction , schoolgirls-british-and-beyond. Utterly dreary. The afterword by Patricia Juliana Smith , which places the book in the larger context of lesbian literature is rather more interesting than the novel itself.

I did like the description of the titular garden however, and would love to discover such a place myself. Feb 13, Pipkia rated it it was amazing Shelves: boarding-schools , obscure-women. Another gay boarding school novel, and one that benefits from having experience with the genre. Not much happens, but it happens very beautifully.

Apr 08, Highjump rated it liked it. Aug 14, Theresa Costello rated it did not like it. If there's one thing I can say in the positive it's that the author knew how to build an atmosphere with her writing. Oct 13, Sophie Rose rated it it was amazing Shelves: what-s-on-my-shelves , favourites , minds-are-an-unquiet-room , the-autistic-starter-pack , infj , queer.

I loved this so freaking much. I usually dislike historical fiction but apparently a gay not very secret plot twist and mental health issues included in the book changed my mind.

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Jan 15, Sarah Crawford rated it really liked it. The scene of the story is Bampfield College, the time the late 's. The main characters include Margaret, Rachel, who is 16, and Bistro, who is A woman named Chief is the head of the college. She has a very mannish appearance. The college is only for girls, and it is in terrible physical shape.

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Bad food, unheated rooms, and filth seem to characterize the school. The girls are treated in a very harsh manner, the people running the school basically trying to turn them into perfect young The scene of the story is Bampfield College, the time the late 's. The girls are treated in a very harsh manner, the people running the school basically trying to turn them into perfect young gentlemen. In some ways the exercises they put the girls through in bad weather, and the general condition of the school remind me of old Japanese schools that were run in a military fashion.

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Things could get to be harsh, even cruel. Rachel finds the Chinese Garden, which had been Margaret's secret. As time goes on, Rachel becomes a prefect at the school. Then things go really bad, when Margaret and another girl are caught in bed together nude, and are expelled. Rachel comes under suspicion of possibly being a lesbian. She tries to commit suicide by hanging herself, but it doesn't work. Eventually she's cleared. The book also has an appendix, which is a history of the book and its place in lesbian fiction. Which brings me to my comments.