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The human body needs both food and water to function; it's as simple as that. Plants can create their own food through photosynthesis, but people can't.

No food or water, HNIs in India want to try living on air and sunlight - The Economic Times

Depending on many factors including the health and size of an individual the human body can live for about a month without eating, though only a few days without water. Stories of rescued accident victims who have survived for a few weeks on little or no food are not unheard of. The 5 Most Outrageous Hoaxes.

If Navenna Shine wishes to follow in the path of previous breatharians and inediates, she should be aware that many of their claims are exaggerated at best and fraudulent at worst. Several people who claimed to survive on nothing more than air and sunlight have been caught sneaking food and water. Unless a person allows himself or herself to be closely watched at all times, fraud is a real possibility.

One prominent breatharian, Wiley Brooks, was seen and photographed in a fast food restaurant during his supposed fasting. Shine has turned her experimental flirtation with starvation into something of a social media event, filming herself on web cams and creating a Facebook page so supporters and detractors can follow along.

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'Breatharians' Believe You Can Survive on Air Alone

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