Love, Life, & God: Getting Past the Pain

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I feel so weighted. I am 35 and never really accomplished or finished anything.

Bible Verses About Pain

Ive had issues with debilitating anxiety and very low self esteem. I am easily hurt and withdrawal easily. I get caught up in the past a lot. I have a hard time with the loss of my grandparents. He was an alcoholic when I was young so my home life was very rocky and lonely as an long child. And his drinking has never stopped. I just want to separate all the pain from ME. I have no idea who I am and I hate it.

Anything can hit me like a ton of bricks and I get upset and withdraw. I want to be mentally and emotionally healthy, happy and FREE. I want the past to be in the past. Any help would be great. Thank you. Somehow you found your way to this post that is about 10 insights and tools that you can apply to your own situation to begin to be free of the past.

This IS the help that I can offer. Read each one and apply it to your own experience. Take your time to see beyond the story of what happened.

Seeing God Through Your Pain and Suffering

Take responsibility for your own thoughts, feelings — and your own healing. I have written about these topics many times, and you can find these articles in the archives. Last week, I had a class go terribly, and my anxiety came back into play. Letting go — despite all my reading on the subject — is not easy. This calls for you to be very kind to yourself right now, Steve-O. It sounds like you have had some success dealing with your anxiety in the past, so maybe you can put into action the things that helped you before.

Can you be with them the way you would with a child who is hurting? Can you say soothing statements to yourself when these feelings are present? Take time out and do things you enjoy. Find one person who feels safe to you, maybe a stranger, and look them in the eye and say hello, just for a few seconds. Slow down, breathe, and help yourself to feel safe again.

See a Problem?

I have experienced the worst feelings in my life and now I am hurting to find out the person I cared about is a kleptomaniac. And has seriosly hurt me. Now I am having to deal with the pain. And he is telling me he is sorry. The sorry is not enough anymore. And I want hime to undo everything he has done. And someone told me what would be a successfully undoing. I have seriously thinking about that. Also I have to deal with my emotions which have become numb. You might want to consider if this is a person you want in your life. If not, have the courage to move on. Yes, sorry is often not enough.

The person saying sorry also needs to be committed to a change in behavior so you can trust again. Thank you so much so share these facts. I hide my wounds and refuse to accept the fact that I had made wrong choices in life and each time I remember the details, my anxiety got worse. I tried hard to suppress my emotions and opening myself up is so painful. Do I really have to open up my wounds before I can heal my past? That is so painful! But I wonder if suppressing your emotions and refusing to accept responsibility for your choices is working for you.

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I have experienced tremendous freedom — and relief — from allowing painful emotions to be felt, seen, and experienced. It takes a lot of energy to resist the truth. Maybe you can start by meeting this fear with loving openness. You can read about befriending fear here.

There is also more about fear in the archives of this site. Ive been married for 32yrs and have 4 adult children. When I married my husband I was not accepted by his family. I live opposite them on our farm. My past emotional hurt keeps arising and I have been to therapy but find triggersnoccur on a n almost daily basis.

An example of this would be my husband spending everyday running around for his aging father he is a great son dropping work and the 3 hours a week we are meant to spend a week together without hestitation. Yet my husband never has done anything for me. When i was in premature labour he was too bust to take me to hospital. Instead his mother took me. I go yon holidays by myself as he is too busy.

12 Bible Verses About Pain - Encouraging Scriptures for Your Soul

I dont go to important family events on my side of the family because he is too busy. Everytime his dad rings he is wanting my husband to do stuff.

Getting Past Your Past - Enjoying Everyday Life

I stew inside and feel hurt.. Hi Trina, Great that you want freedom from negative thoughts and want to move past the misery. Take each one in and start to apply it to your own experience in the moment as your life unfolds. This would be an excellent beginning for you. Wishing you well on this journey…. I needed this.

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Yes, Sally. Our thoughts are unreliable, so better not to trust them. Then emotions are free to come and go. I am in love wid a girl for more dan 3 years and she was my bestie from childhood and later on turned up to love.. I several times think that its all over n my love is burried and i think to move on but our love is stopping me and pulling me back.. I get lots of positive support and advices from my parents and friends and now they all are tired in process of making me change n live happily but am still dying daily eid her thoughts hoping tat she turns up one day…what shld i do to make myself move on happily..

Take it day by day, Kishor. Make commitment within yourself for your own peace and happiness. Then walk through the steps in this post and apply them to your own experience. Once you are truly ready to move on, take every moment and figure out how to make it a better one. I was with my ex boyfriend from We were together for 3 years but i knew i was wrong because i was already committed to someone not yet married but i couldnt help how i felt for this man.

We broke up last year as i was trying to behave sour and get out of this relationship before i hurt him. My husband now and i were having a long distance relationship. I just couldnt help myself as i had never felt like that before. I got married this year and its been almost 2 years since i broke up with my ex boyfriend and i cant let go.