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Triptych of the Sedano family is an oil-on-panel triptych altarpiece by the Early Nethlandish painter Gerard David , usually dated between and , probably c.

It is noted for its innovative framing and for its rendering of the decorative oriental carpet seen at Mary's feet. The work was commissioned by the Castilian merchant Jean de Sedano, and features the Virgin and child in an enclosed garden.

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Each wing shows a donor kneeling in prayer accompanied by a saint: John the Baptist is seen to the left, John the Evangelist to the right. The panels are unified by the continuous background landscape of green fields and a serene, deep blue seascape.

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When the wings are closed, the exterior shows Adam and Eve , thereby creating a contrast between the heavenly interior and sinful exterior. Korteweg, Turnhout, , pp. In the first stage of underdrawing, there were no children; in the second stage, Hugo added all three, a fact which explains why Saint Margaret stands with Maria Portinari while Mary Magdalene appears with the young daughter Margherita instead of the other way around.

She further observes that the Annunciation on the closed shutters employs a more detailed, even underdrawing, suggesting that Hugo had assistance in executing these panels, although the artist himself certainly designed them. Other chapters place the Portinari Altarpiece in various contexts, such as the ideals of the Devotio Moderna. However, questions still remain. This item has been added to your Subscriptions.

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