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Machine money and people money

I will be honest and say that these types of apps tend to be much less profitable than other types, in my experience. But, you never know when an app like this will come across your path and prove itself different either, so I try to keep my eyes and my mind open.

Step 1: Build an email list

Here, I could easily access the Offers page, as well as a page for Videos, and a page for Surveys. You could also scroll down, but all there was to see here were advertisements. This prompted me to wonder, once again, if this app was really going to be worth the time.

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In my experience, apps that have banner ads and click-through advertisements in them, before you even make it to the content of the app itself, are usually not apps that prove to be useful in the long-run. Once again, I was not trying to judge this app harshly, but I just have to say… the odds of it turning out to be super profitable were decreasing by the minute, based on my experiences.


But I decided to click on the Offers button to see what I could do to earn some money on the app. Here is what happened when I did that. I clicked on the first one, and was taken to this page. This looked like a pretty typical Offer Wall to me. But a lot of these seemed to be based around downloading and using apps to earn the points. For example, I clicked on the SportsFlashes offer on this page, and was taken to a page that said it would pay me The other offers seemed to follow a similar payment value scheme… so this gave me a good frame of reference for what I could expect to earn using Money Machine.

So I backed out of here, because I wanted to see how much real-world money this number of points would add up to. First of all, I will say that it was kind of hard to even figure out how to redeem your points with this app.

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I tried searching through the menu to the side, but ended up finding what I was looking for at the very top of the app. It was actually sort of obvious. I tried to see how much you could redeem your points for, in terms of real-world cash… but was not allowed to see the conversion rates until I actually signed up for the app. This, to me, was a bit under-handed. So I decided to do some research to see what other users have said in the Google Reviews. Here is what I found.

I am not sure if that is true, but that is what the reviewers seemed to be saying.

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